WELCOME: Please Join the People and fight the takeover.  

This is my page, and I will also be running a blog. I endeavor to speak my mind  I will state the things I feel about this Great Country. You might think that sounds stupid, I would expect that from a Liberal, as they can not stand to hear the truth or facts about what a Conservative might think or feel about their Country, or what direction this Country should be going. That would include the Tea Party Movement. A grass roots movement, that is growing, and not afraid to say what they think, despite what the ACLU or the Liberal Left thinks or says. We Are Not Evil, Racist, Fanatical, Nazis, or Radicals. We do not follow (Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals) as the left and this Government is doing. However we should, turn toughs same rules against them and soon. We sure will not fall in lockstep with the So called Main Stream Media, who has not had an honest thought in many years, it sure is not Journalism that they practice.
Maybe The Democratic Tyrannic Government we now have will wake up. If not, then I am sure they will be looking for new jobs come this November, or those who resign, and or retire, so they can run and hide, before November.
Some May ask why should they read my page or my blog, I say that if we do not talk, and learn the facts, then what are we, nothing but dead weight, lemmings looking for some place to hide. I call this a Prescient, because people gather in such places, and such places can be strong political centers of thought, and doing. Or you might wonder what I am. I am an American First, Conservative Independent (Former Republican) Second. I will not be swayed from believing in, or Defending the Constitution of the United States. I will never support anybody that feels it should be changed, or tampered with. Its what this Great Country of Ours was founded on. And its Principals are Sound. I don't care what your Race, Gender, or Age is. What I care in is that if your representing me, as you should be that you are Honest, Trustworthy, and Responsible for your actions, and your Vote. And accountable to the people, not the Lobbyists, Unions, Special interests, or even the President, whomever he or she is at the time. If your an Congressmen, your are responsible to the people, who elected you, and no others. So I am here to pass the word, as I see it, Say what I think, and if I wish to decent for whatever reason, then I have that right. So All Americans are welcome to read or add more.

  Please check back soon for new entries. And by all means make a comment, take a stand, stop being a Lemming. Your thoughts are important and should be shared.